Saturday, November 13, 2010

Fall is almost over and is starting to feel like winter.

I am begining to wonder if Taylor remembers if she has a mom after hunting season is over.  Thanks to Nani Sally, and some freinds in town for watching her all fall.  If I could figure out how to pack her along in my backpack with me when I guide I would.  This hunting season went by so fast.  All of our hunters seemed to be really happy with their hunts.  We got through another year anyway.  We have 1 more elk hunt this year and off to Kansas we go for rifle whitetail hunting.  I always say “One of these days when we settle down I will get “””””All kind of things done”.  Oh well our family is healthy and life is good.  Somehow in the mix of things I was able to take Taylor out for Halloween.  My little girl looks just like Raggity Ann.  She was so cute.  She just loved her hat.  I couldn’t hardly take it off of her so she could go to sleep that night!  I think daddy and Taylor were both ready for bed after trick or treating!mellisas bull 059mellisas bull 055 mellisas bull 051

The Phone Call I Wont Forget!

I have been guiding hunters for 15 years.  I have always wanted to do a little extra with my career but I always figured I was to much of a redneck.  Any how last week just a normal day of guiding I got a phone call.  The lady asked me if I was interested in being on the Beyond The Lodge team.  My heart was racing, as I couldnt wait to get off the phone and tell Roger and my mom.  I actually get paid to hunt and get to have all of my hunts filmed and put on T.V..  So next year there will be some hunting shows with me getting some animals.  I am so excited!  Here are some pictures of some animals I just hunted this year.colorado mule deer 2010 audrey 053 audrey 2010 mule deer 231pams ant 603 2010 pics 090

Summer has been a lot of fun. Roger, me and Taylor took off on a long vacation all over back east fishing. We went to Kentucky Lake, Kentucky, stayed there for a week and then on down to Georgia, Alabama, and then we came home. We caught lots of fish, 1 fish bigger than Taylor. By the end of this trip I know Taylor is going to be a fisherwoman. I think she even likes riding in the boat. She couldnt get enough of the big catfish that daddy caught. One day as I was out fishing Taylor and daddy stayed at the lodge, where the lakefront was. There was a bunch of geese that were staying around the water. She loved them she would just run around saying GEE GEE, GEE GEE, so cute. Roger and I decided to get into a team fishing tournament and ended up making a check in 6th place. It wasnt the 1st place we wanted but we spent a nice day out on the lake fishing with eachother. Now for the long drive home. Im not sure if the drive was longer to us or Taylor. After hearing 20 different Baby Eignstein movies 100 times each and watching 2000 miles worth of pavement we returned home. All in all it was a fun vacation.

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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Taylor’s first birthday

Jaime takes the best pictures ever.  It was so much fun watching Taylor and Hayes tear their birthday cupcakes a part.  I thought Hayes would be the most aggressive Antler Chewies 509 Antler Chewies 358 Antler Chewies 324 Antler Chewies 304 Antler Chewies 292 Antler Chewies 281 Antler Chewies 284  but Taylor proved wrong.  She tore into hers and then when she was done with hers she went to grab Hayes cupcake.  Anyway it was a very fun photography sitting.  Thanks Jaime your awesome.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Almost Spring!! Cant wait to be warm again!!!

A lot has been going on at the McQueens lately. Nani is is feeling lots better from her broken back this winter. She went back home with Papa. Taylor turned 1 year old on March 14th. I have to post pictures of her party, and 1 year pics. Just seems like we have been really busy. Roger and I and some good friends went to South Texas and Mexico fishing. I have never seen largemouth bass as big as what we caught. The fish almost dont look right. I will post some photos.
Taylor has started taking steps. She is up to about 6 or 7 steps at a time now. She is a sweet little girl. We are so proud of her. We had a girls day out last week and I decided to get her hair cut. It was beginning to get in her eyes really bad. Then I decided what the heck she is a year old and ready for a pedicure, so yes she has little red toes. I will blog more when I get all of her pictures back, but for now here is a little bit of a catch up.

Monday, February 22, 2010

New Dressers & unloading dressers!!!!

Today Roger finished a armoire for our bedroom. It is the most beautiful piece of furniture I have ever seen. He does some awesome work! Im very lucky to have such a handy husband.-Thanks Roger.
Taylor found a new place to play. It got quiet around the house and there I found her with a her dresser drawer open and all of her clothes on the floor. About an hour later she was no where to be found, and I found her upstairs. She had found a spot in the stairway to snake through around the baby gate and up the stairs she went. So after closing doors to her room and reinforcing the baby gate guess where I found her next? THE TOLIT AGAIN. Just having a grand time getting all wet.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


I have to blog this story although I'm very ashamed of it, and this day made me feel like the worst parent in the world.
Ok here I go!
I was really busy one day, and for some reason somebody didnt fluch our tolit. Well Roger came in the house and saw the bathroom, and imediatly came running out of there asking me who didnt flush the tolit. Well I got up really quick and headed in to fix things and the phone rang. It was Boyd. If you know Boyd you dont just get off the phone real soon. So a few minutes in to the call I realized Taylor was missing. So I already had figured where she was. So I went out to the garage where her daddy works all day and no Taylor. So I ran into the bathroom to find her well ya enough said. I screamed OH SHIXXXXXXX. Grabbed Taylor stripped her clothes off and put her in the tub and started scrubbing. I dont know if I was more in shock or ready to throw up. The worst thing in the world was to see your 10 month old standing at the tolit holding a (snickers bar) in one hand and chewing on another one, with XXXX all over the bathroom. Well we got throught this, and I make sure every lid is shut and doors shut, and baby gates in place. Sorry for the aweful story but I had to share it.
I didnt take a picture of it, but her latest thing is climbing stairs, so I will share that with you.